Radioisotope power systems are a type of technology that use heat to power up scientific instruments, especially those which play a role in space exploration. Although RPS have a multitude of uses and advantages, a major one is that they are reliable and independent. They are capable of functioning no matter the temperature, sunlight, particle radiation, etc. This makes them extremely useful for space exploration and other endeavors because they do not require as much care and protection as other sources, so it is less risky to use. This inspires me because I believe that being reliable and indifferent to unpreferable conditions is a positive quality for both organisms and technology. Similar to technology like RPS, people have idiosyncratic talents. Mine, for example, is speech. I am able to persuade people and discuss a topic in a way where I am not just heard, but understood. One of my long-term goals is to be a pediatric neurologist and teach classes on the topic of neurology, and this power will help me achieve it by allowing me to explain topics in an understandable way, leading to more lives being saved in the long run.