Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) are fueled by radioisotopes which are unstable elements (ex. Plutonium-238) that produce heat as they decay into a more stable type of that element. The time it takes for half the radioisotope's atoms to decay is called its half-life. Another cool fact about RPS is that it does not need solar or any other sources of power; it is reliable and independent. The ability to produce heat and its predictable half-life of 88 years makes Plutonium-238 an ideal source of power for long space missions that go beyond our solar system. RPS can provide ongoing research and exploration, just like I can! I have a special power like RPS - my love of learning! I am fueled by curiosity and reading and am always excited to learn more. I have started researching subatomic particles such as quarks, electrons, and neutrinos and want to gain a more extensive knowledge of these awesome particles in college. I will take classes about subatomic particles focusing on the neutrino and will get a degree in physics. I will become a particle physicist and I will continue on to more great things!