Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) are unique, innovative, and important sources of energy that have changed space travel forever. They allow for a continuous source of power for spacecraft exploring space billions of miles away near the edge of the solar system and beyond. One thing I find remarkable about RPS is the fact that it is able to produce heat and energy even in the coldest, darkest, and harshest environments imaginable. Even in the most frigid and bleak conditions, RPS enables rovers to continue to trudge on for scores of years and shine a beacon of light and hope as they wander into the unknown. My long-term goal in life is to help impoverished children, especially in areas with little to no access to books, become literate. Like RPS, I have the power to persevere and continue to strive forward to achieve my long-term goal. I started out small by donating the books I authored and raising funds for the non-profit organizations helping the cause. I am extremely passionate about this cause and hope to enlighten and motivate many individuals to get involved. Over the years, I plan to broaden my efforts to reach those in need around the world.