Radioisotope Power System(RPS) is a nuclear energy technology that uses heat to produce electric power for operating spacecraft in space where solar power is not available. The fuel used by RPS is the radioactive decay of plutonium-238, which is an example of a radioactive isotope. RPS is a critical technology for space missions. I am inspired by RPS because Plutonium-238 can continuously produce heat for 88 years. I am also inspired by the fact that RPS powered space crafts can visit the harshest, darkest and coldest locations in the solar system. One of my unique powers is to solve problems. It will help me to achieve one of my long term goals which is to create a robot bee. This robot bee will help more plants grow by helping the process of pollination like normal bees. I want to create this invention because the population of bees is decreasing. Without bees many environments with animals and plants could get affected. With fewer bees there would be less pollination which results in less trees, with fewer trees the herbivore animals would have a hard time finding food.