Radioisotope Power Systems also known as RPS, provide electricity and heat that help spacecrafts complete scientific missions and objectives. One of the features that inspired me was the spacecraft’s ability to endure; dark, dusty, or harsh environments in the Solar System. NASA’s goal is to develop more RPS technologies that will help us in the future. My superpower is courage. I think courage is important because it can help me overcome my fears and face challenges. One challenge that I have that takes a lot of courage is learning with dyslexia. When I read, my words look like they are having an earthquake. Just like RPS systems have the ability to function in extreme environments, I am learning that I can function through challenges too. It is important to have courage so that you can believe in yourself and set goals to achieve. I know that my style of learning may look different from other students, but with a strong support system, I know I can complete my mission. My long-term goal is to perform in a Broadway production. If I keep pursing my goals, you may see me on stage one day.