Fueling bright minds with knowledge propels change and enthusiasm. However, it requires commitment, discipline, collaboration, and a sense of improvement. With this in mind, scientific efforts have focused on Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) to supply off-world expeditions with a renewable energy source. By converting molecular decay and heat into energy, RPS is constantly harnessing excess radiation. In such a way, it provides the groundwork for furthering space travel and sustaining life outside Earth's atmosphere. It does so by transforming heat into an electric voltage; it creates a spark. In that sense, every driven individual could represent an RPS that thermocouples their experiences and endeavors to fit their aspirations. As a future scientist, I strive to persevere and learn from my mistakes; they motivate me to pursue higher education in a research-oriented setting. As a result, like the RPS, my resourcefulness shapes my outlook by integrating my interests with the willingness to ameliorate any encumbrance that could disrupt a future generation's development. Though the journey will be challenging, I will toil to kindle my spark even in the darkest places. Thus, RPS gives us and a future generation the power to explore; all we need is a spark.