Untouched. Unraveled. Unknown. So described is the world beyond our speck of floating dust. However, even in such vastness there is human presence, powered by a source known as radioisotopes. Such elements have long been integral to space exploration, particularly plutonium-238. Its abilities are harnessed in thermoelectricity, where temperature differences caused by the heat of decay create a flow of electrons—an electrical current that can power machinery, allowing spacecrafts to function where solar power cannot touch. So, even the universe’s farthest corners may one day come within reach. On a smaller scale yet still grand is the human consciousness—my consciousness. Thus, I strive to make self-awareness my greatest power. My motivations, values, and character are things I desire to realize to the fullest extent, ensuring that my external actions mostly reflect my internal beliefs. Only then will my choices lead down the life and career path I wish to carve. This power also allows me to understand my interests, directly influencing my future studies, and acknowledge my faults and strengths to wield them effectively. Although I still must undertake much exploration, self-realization is possible as long as mankind aspires to probe such fathomless abysses, much like the depths of space.