In space, the vast cold vacuum of emptiness that lies beyond Earth we wonder, how can we get power in that dark span? The answer is RPS. That stands for radioisotope power systems. RPS is a battery that is powered by decaying plutonium 283. RPS has been used on the Mars rover. This is inspiring to me, because I want to help be a part of colonizing Mars. Maybe RPS could be used to power intergalactic radios to keep contact with people on Earth on Mars. This would be helpful for colonizing Mars. My strength is that I have hearing loss. This will help me reach my goal of becoming a NASA rocket scientist because it teaches me responsibility. I have to be responsible and not let my cochlear implants touch water. I have to remember to plug them in every night. Having responsibility is important as a rocket scientist for NASA because I need to be responsible with my equipment and work tools.