Radioisotopes are a nuclear energy source that uses heat to power spacecraft systems. They help NASA with missions and have been operating in harsh conditions since 1965. The most interesting fact that I learned was about Radioisotope Heater Units also known as RHUs. NASA is studying the fuel of these RHU’s to power a compact system that could provide a few dozen mill watts of electrical power. My special power is confidence. I think that confidence is important because everyone should have faith in themselves to achieve what they want to achieve and not be scared to try new things. I have confidence that one day I will be a fashion designer. I want to design clothes for girls that are fun and sassy but show self-respect and make girls feel good about themselves. This is like RPS systems because scientists have to keep trying to use new technologies to create designs for rovers. I will have to create new designs for my clothing line. My goal is to go to a fashion design college and make my own clothing line in the future.