Imagine you’re an astronaut on a space mission going to a faraway planet when suddenly, your ship’s solar panels stop working. You start to panic but remember that a new power system was added to your ship, the RPS. RPS stands for Radioisotope Power System. It is a new battery which will help on space missions. This revolutionary piece of technology will help astronauts go into deep space, it does not need to be refueled often, and it is all purpose. The RPS is a type of nuclear battery that provides electricity and heat to a spaceship. This battery turns heat into energy, so it allows space missions to go to areas and deep space where solar panels, chemical energy, and fuel cells won’t work. It connects directly to the spaceship and can power the entire ship by itself. My unique power is my personality and intelligence which will help me achieve my goals of finishing school with a master's or doctorate degree, becoming a successful worker and starting a family. RPS is an inspiration to me since attaining goals demands excelling and playing multiple roles in life. Like RPS, I want my life to be meaningful, revolutionary and purposeful.