The fact that inspires me is - a spacecraft can travel 12 billion miles in just 44 years. So, the special power of RPS is 'Far Away' for me. Going far away means, we can explore more places in space and learn more information about them. Like, other life forms, their habitats, environment, etc. So, if the Earth gets crowded, people can go there. The other special feature that inspires me is Longevity. Most things we use daily get old and malfunction. But, RPS doesn't malfunction, because as plutonium decays, it becomes more stable and can work longer with its half life being 88 years. I have always wanted to know if there is an another planet like Earth. My long term goal is to be an Astrogeologist since I love to learn about space rocks. Chess is my unique power and it will help me achieve my goal because it will make me calculate different variations for exploring space rocks. It also helps me with quick thinking and learn from my mistakes. Another power that I have is being enthusiastic and energetic. Similar to RPS, I can go on for a long time.