Almost everything on Earth needs energy to function, and spacecraft are no exception. To successfully carry out missions into outer space, having a reliable and effective power source is essential. Destinations such as Pluto are much farther away from the Sun and thus lack available sunlight. This is where Radioisotope Power Systems come in. By providing power in harsh environments where solar arrays are ineffective, the usage of Radioisotope Power Systems have revolutionized space travel. Radioisotope Power Systems not only fuel energy, but also brighten the journey through space. This technology has inspired me to become the light in my own mission. While I've always been clear about what I want to do, I used to struggle with finding the courage to get there. I’ve constantly had to battle stereotypical perceptions, such as being the only female on my school’s robotics team, or coming from a low-income family. In-reality, the only “barrier” to my mission is myself. By knocking down the mental blockades, I come closer to my goal of bridging the gender gap in the computer science and astronomy fields. Just like Radioisotope Power Systems, my biggest power is my ability to shine in even the darkest places.