I’m in NASA’s Resilience 22 heading towards the Kuiper Belt. I'm using the gravitational pull of Pluto to slingshot my probe into deep space. Pluto’s escape velocity is 1.21 km per second and our probe can accelerate 2 km per second, so we can escape Pluto's gravitational pull. I can see the Milky Way as I get closer to the Kuiper Belt. It stands out like a glowing spider web. My crew, the engineer and pilot, and I stare at the constellations in awe. Our power supply comes from batteries using Plutonium 238 which has a half life of 88 years. It is stored in a ceramic form for my crew’s protection. It is a convenient power supply because it is non-toxic and has no moving parts. My goal is to pilot the probe back to Earth safely. I was chosen for this mission because I’m even-tempered. I can stay calm if the probe gets hit by space debris or has a system failure. I’m also very observant and record all space phenomena. I’ve been communicating with the ISS since it’s the closest place I can transmit what has been happening throughout the last 5 years in space.