Six decades, seven hundred and twelve months, 1.8 times 10^9 seconds: since 1961, Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) have fueled space-bound scientists, one of them hopefully being myself one day. As recently as 2020, RPS has powered rovers on Mars searching for evidence of past microbial life, which inspires me to meticulously quest for unexpected opportunities in my own life. It’s astounding that RPS helps us answer one of humanity’s largest, most fundamental questions and determine whether future populations (i.e. our grandchildren!) could inhabit Mars. I am inspired to make our Earth more hospitable so that my future relatives don’t have to worry about the results of this important RPS-based research. My special power is a strong work ethic. I spend countless hours reading scientific journals, watching documentaries, and even conducting experiments myself. Just as RPS fuels scientists headed to the moon, my dedication to learning will carry me to new environments where I can become more knowledgeable about the processes underlying nature. I hope to obtain a PhD and study molecular biology myself — just as plutonium-238’s constant decay fuels rocket ships, my never-ending passion for learning fuels my motivation towards being the best researcher I can be.