Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) provide energy to spacecraft and help them stay powered for a lot of years. Being as small as they are, they act as a key source of energy powering the entire spacecraft in space for long periods of time. In addition, RPS can power themselves and do not need any external energy source. The use of RPS that inspires me is the fact that even in the toughest and harshest environment, it continues to generate power and help spacecraft operate efficiently. It is very reliable. Many spacecrafts that were launched almost 50 years ago are still operating and keep on traveling through space. They operate independently even in the darkest places. I think I have the same power as RPS to be independent. Being independent helps me become more responsible. It helps me plan and finish my work on time and also help others who are in need. I learn from the challenges I face. It will help me become confident and brave over the years. One day, I want to become a firefighter! I want to be brave enough to go to difficult places and help others who are in need.