With over 60 years of legacy exploring the solar system, the Radioisotope Power System (RPS) has enabled us to carry out various space missions and conduct scientific investigations. With many advantages, the main aspect of RPS that inspires me is its longevity. For long-distance space missions such as those to Mars, having a steady flow of power is crucial for spacecraft functions. RPS takes advantage of the large amounts of heat produced from the nuclear decay of the radioisotope Plutonium-238, in which the power can be produced for a very long period. The longevity of the RPS inspires me as it can endure the harsh conditions of space and simultaneously exceed expectations in its performance. Akin to the longevity of the RPS, my unique power is perseverance. Perseverance drives me to strive harder in adversity. One of my main goals in life is to research the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease in the field of neurophysics, with physics and biology complementing each other. During my journey of research, I will face challenges in research and even be challenged or be doubted by fellow scientists. However, like the RPS system, I put in my best effort for the betterment of humanity.