The Radioisotope Power System is an innovative technology used to support the numerous deep space missions pursued by NASA. These systems convert heat generated by the natural decay of plutonium-238 into electrical power. Additionally, they have powered more than two dozen U.S. space missions and are capable of producing heat and electricity under the harsh conditions in deep space for decades without any maintenance, which is truly inspiring. The RPS can create its own electricity, even in severe conditions. I can do the same, but without the plutonium. There is negativity all around us, and the only way to trudge through the day is to grip onto those negative thoughts/actions, and morph them into positive ones. Therefore, by thinking of positives, I am “powered” to get through the day. The RPS, with its electrical power, can conquer the cosmos. Likewise, I can conquer my current high school life, along with the unknown future. Bad test grades? I will study harder and ace the next test. Get into a hurtful argument? They may have some difficult problems in their life. I can try to make their day more joyful. By turning negatives into positives, I can improve myself, and others too.