Haumea is the site for my RPS-powered mission, which would send crafts to the dwarf planet in order to study its strange properties. Little sunlight reaches its region, which is why RPS is the optimal power source for this mission. Haumea is unique in its rotation speed (one day lasts just under four hours), its elongated, egg-like shape, and its ring. One craft would be sent into Haumea’s orbit in order to study the composition of its ring and gain insight on how it may have formed. A rover would also be sent to the dwarf planet’s surface to collect data on Haumea’s surface composition and the effects of such a high rotational speed on its terrain. There is a theory that Haumea used to be larger until another object struck it, sending it into a rapid spin. This collision may have also caused particles to fly out and form a ring around Haumea. My mission could potentially confirm this theory. A useful trait of mine is flexibility. This mission has a high-risk for complication since Haumea is very distant (about 50 AU from Earth), so being able to course-correct would be imperative to mission success.