Have you ever wondered if there is life outside of Earth? Well, you won’t have to wonder much longer. Let me introduce you to my spacecraft, which I have named Fortitude. My spacecraft will be powered by a radioisotope thermal generator, which will allow it to be powered on it’s journey to Europa. However, it’s exploration doesn’t stop there! After landing on one of Europa’s ice cracks, it will use a laser drill to make a hole in the ice, allowing it to drop a mini submarine, named Resilience, into the oceans below. Fortitude and Resilience will explore Europa together, both the surface ice, and the oceans below. The RTG will allow this mission to last many years, with the hope that it will find life beneath the ice. You might be wondering why I named my spacecrafts Fortitude and Resilience. I chose these words because they are 2 traits that I am trying to strengthen in myself. For example, when I do challenging math problems, I don’t let myself give up. Even when I feel a little stuck, I persevere. My mission will surely encounter problems, but with fortitude and resilience, it will be sure to find success!