Saturn's smallest and innermost major moon, Mimas, is known for its resemblance to the Death Star from Star Wars. It is believed to have an underground ocean (possibly containing deep-sea hydrothermal vents), which could create energy for living organisms. My RPS-powered mission to Mimas would consist of two payloads: one rover and one satellite orbiter. A rover would be deployed to the surface to study the composition of Mimas’ landscapes, search for signs of an underground ocean, and hunt for evidence of existing or fossilized microorganisms. The orbiter would further investigate the wobble in Mimas’ rotation detected by the Cassini mission. Researchers suspect that it may be caused by the underground ocean flowing inside of it. Some scientists disagree with the concept of Mimas having an ocean, saying it is difficult to imagine an ocean surviving on such a tiny moon. There is also a lack of tell-tale signs, such as geysers and surface cracks. Therefore, my mission would be the first stage in determining whether or not Mimas has an underground ocean. My creativity could be used to the advantage of the mission, as this mission is perilous. Problems will occur during the mission which will require creative solutions.