My RPS mission’s destination is Saturn’s moon Enceladus. This is my mission because Enceladus reflects most of the sunlight it receives, resulting in a mean noon temperature of -198℃ (-324℉). Since Enceladus is so cold, the heat from the RPS will help keep the systems warm. Mission Gentoo is a combination of a lander and a minisub. The Gentoo spacecraft will reach Enceladus by using a gravity assist from Jupiter. Then, when the spacecraft gets close to Saturn, it will deploy the lander. The lander will drill into the ice and deploy a minisub into the ocean underneath the surface. The minisub will measure the temperature of the water and look for any signs of life. My superpower that will help on my RPS mission is my knowledge of oceans. It will be beneficial because Enceladus has evidence of a subsurface global ocean. My superpower will assist in interpreting the data and information sent back from the Gentoo spacecraft. Researching Enceladus may help us back on Earth by extending our knowledge of Antarctica and the penguin’s habitat, hence the name Gentoo. This knowledge could help us combat climate change and the disintegration of ice shelves, protecting the penguin’s habitat. The Gentoo spacecraft’s goal is to land on Enceladus and study its surface features, composition, and underground ocean. Building upon the discoveries of Cassini-Huygens, Mission Gentoo will focus on the subsurface ocean to enhance our knowledge of liquid water on other moons or planets in the universe.