The Environmentally Adaptive Traction Applicator (EATA) is a durable wheel designed for versatile traction on regolith. EATA’s durability stems from flexible structures which bend rather than break when encountering hard objects such as rocks. Alternating straight segments in the tread pattern provide better traction in loose regolith. Each segment of tread is composed of titanium, which has high strength and is lightweight. These segments are linked to one another as part of a chain-like structure and are supported by flexible composite spokes.The composite spokes surround a central hub which houses the drive motor. Three attachment points (two chain links and one spoke) would need to be eliminated in order to completely incapacitate one tread segment. However, even if tread segments have been incapacitated, EATA will continue to operate because each segment is independent. EATA helps to complete missions because it is flexible, dependable and long lasting.

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