Inspired by the revolutionary Loopwheel technology used in wheelchairs and bicycles around the world, the CSW uses its internal rubber loops to compress inward when going over rocks or other uneven surfaces. By compressing inwards, the CSW significantly reduces vibrations. Pairing this with its tough, but flexible High Strength Rubber tire makes the wheel's durability unrivaled. Because of the cold martian atmosphere, the various rubber components will expand making them more flexible than they would be on Earth. Although the outer regions of this wheel are pliable, it has a lightweight, rigid titanium core, which helps maintain its shape and allows the CSW to drive comfortably on flat surfaces. Due to the core’s titanium composition, it doesn't rust. The polygon-shaped treads of the tire help the wheel move through the sand. All these factors make the CSW the perfect wheel for traversing the harsh martian landscape.

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