Each set of DP-ME wheels in “Normal Mode” of my design consists of one pair of 20.7-inch diameter NASA-developed Spring Tires (NASA)with orange fenders (shown in diagram). Each pair of spring tires are connected by a red axle; the gray rod extends upwards from the axle to the blue prism, which coheres with the Bogie or Rocker. The wheels angle side-to-side when the gray rod rotates. “Extension Mode” enables the rover to elevate to one side or straight up; the gray rod extends/retracts, pushing/pulling the wheels farther from/closer to the rover. The main gray rod is hollow– inside, there are several more extendable rods; each rod extends out from the previous one. To retract, the rods withdraw inside each other. In “Sandstorm Mode,” curved extension panels protract from each fender, protecting the wheels from sand/dust. 3 DP-MEs connect with each side of the rover.

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