My unique rover wheel is called "Preserver" it is a Tri-Angle Lightweight Triangular prisms one on top of others. The body or the Triangular prisms are made of platinum. At the ends of the body, there are two removable blades made of osmiridium which is a strong alloy between osmium and iridium. The pillars/springs are made up of type 440 stainless steel (the strongest steel). The point of springs is to give the two parts/prisms of the tire more flexibility allowing it to open/close, Move together and around stretch and relieve tension, or to put more tension by closing down and more. The cover is also made of Platinium and the gap is fixed with an Iron cover keeping dust or rocks out since they might disturb the springs and also might make the machine heavier. The full thing moves like this: Land one side, then land the other, e.t.c.