The Climber Swivel Wheel is able to revolve and intended for a 6 wheel drive base with a motor on top of each swivel plate; it has lots of pockets meant for weight-saving. The two front and two back wheels are for steering, and the two middle wheels are for traction. It has 48 treads with slight curves (like Perseverance's wheel) to endure Mars' rough surface. The wheel is around 22 inches in diameter (treads included) and is made from aluminum for durability and weight; the treads are made from pillar titanium spokes (durability and stiffness). The wheels can be "smart" as there are ultraviolet sensors located on the front of the swivel plate; it can be accessed through the HazCam attached to the rover's body. The wheel has a cascade elevator that can be used as a camera mount and to hook on and climb onto surfaces.

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