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The Joy that Keeps Spreading is about you and your neighbor or your friend. It is kind of like a moving game, you can make a craft of just write a nice letter. If you make a craft make sure to write a letter that says something friendly about them or how much you miss seeing them. After you finish this you want to give this to your neighbor or a friend. On the craft of the letter that you gave to your neighbor or a friend say, "make your craft or a letter and write something friendly to someone and make sure to tell them to pass their own extraordinary thing on too." When you get your craft it will also say please take a photo of the give you collected and put it in the book. By the time this is over you will see what great things everyone has done. I call it The Joy that Keeps Spreading, because it is something that will make some fill mentioned, you give it some else and that makes that person happy too. This is just one way that you could do this. You could just make a craft and write a nice letter and drop it off at a nursing home. It is the best way to spread love and a smile. No one can visit the peolpe in the nursing home right now. This is a great way that will spread some joy while we are going through a hard time with the Coronavirus.