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Sharing Smiles can be easy but it also can be hard. First I think of when Sharing Smiles is comedy using humor to spread happiness. But, Essential workers are not having such a great time. They have to work through all this in order to keep our lifestyle going, these people are risking their lives during the pandemic trying to do this. there are different types of essential workers doctors, the mail service, and markets. These people still have to go on with their daily lives while all of us are stuck at home, I am here to say thank you to them. Hopefully make their day a little bit better while saving these people from death. All the essential workers need to have hope that this will end and it will if we all work together. For this project, I have created a poster that spreads awareness of the things that these people have to do. Hopefully, when these workers understand that people out there really thankful that they are doing this they will have a subtle smile because they know things will get better.