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So, you are stuck at home because of quarantine? Well, here are some tips and tricks to have fun. First, you could listen to music and clean the house, or just lie down while listening to whatever music taste you have. Secondly, you could start writing down things that happen, or start writing stories. Perhaps you could call your friends and chat with them for a while to kill time. you could also spend time with your family or pets if you have any. This would be a good time to learn a new skill and maybe put more time into your hobbies. For example, you could try to learn how to cook, or garden, or even learn how to blow glass into a vase. You could practice playing catch, or playing baseball or t-ball. I think you might already be doing this, but you could binge watch movies like Disney´s movie, ¨Onward¨ which i watched last night. Those were the the things that I thought you could do while at home.