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My solution is the smile-o-matic. This invention makes people smile during tough times and is a way for others to feel appreciated about themselves. This invention could help everyone smile and think of ways to help others. I think that this invention is useful for all ages and relatives. The smile-o-matic is another way to be compassionate about other people.
The invention consists of cardboard, with a printed picture on the front, and a piece of copy paper on the back. There is also a hanger taken apart to hold the smile-o-matic. The hanger is taped for steadiness and to maintain the smile-o-matic.
The smile-o-matic is useful in several ways. For example, surprising a relative on facetime or pretending that it is an actual face. Many people will then smile and maybe even laugh. The invention is friendly with others and is an excellent way to help others that feel down.
To sum up, the smile-o-matic helps several people in several ways. Maybe its to put a smile on someone's face or to cheer someone up.