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We should share our smiles, to make others smile. However in such conditions how can we?
We can write! There are also plenty of options for style and sharing methods. For example you can make a zine ( short comic) series. Or you can make short stories or poems or... There are many options.
Then, when you write your story think of a desired reaction. Just because you want someone to smile doesn't mean you can't make a suspense story. Every week, you can continue your story. By a chapter, a zine, or a whole different story.
Next, SHARE! Make it public with social media or send it on a google doc, word, etc. You can also call who you shared with or write to them to get feedback. You can grow your writer in you.
Bottom line is express your self in a way you may be remembered by your friends and a future you, to help others smile and feel special.(AKA writing)