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I Created a joke box. It has jokes you pull out of the top like a tissue box. I tried it myself and I love it. I think it is a cool idea.I think the jokes are funny but you should should try it yourself. I bet it will make you smile! Here are some of my jokes 1.why don't popsicles go to school? Answer: they are too cool for school! 2.Why do dogs eat homework: they want to learn too! That is a few of my jokes. You could also add your own jokes. You could buy them online at Joke box dot com. I would be willing to give a joke box to each classroom for free. I can also make custom Joke box's for holidays or birthdays. The first 3 to buy get 25 tickets and a Joke box for free. If you buy a custom made Joke box it costs $1.00 extra, which a normal box only $3.00 and a custom one is $4.00.