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Ever since the Quarantine started people can't really go anywhere. So they don't get ready like how they use too. Then they start to think they're ugly. So I wrote beautiful and colored it to remind them that their beautiful in an out. Even though they try new things their still beautiful. Everyone is different and beautiful.

There's people out there that don't like how they look. People have their reasons to think that they're ugly. Maybe because people tell them they are ugly. Even though they're not, Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Honestly I know how it feels to be called ugly or feel it. A lot of people would call me ugly all the time and I would feel bad about myself. Then later on I started to dress up different but there was still people calling me ugly. I would always be upset and scared to go to school because I can't it anymore.

Then my friends were there for me. They knew something was wrong so they talked to me and I told what was happening. After I talked to my friends they made me confident about myself for the first time I felt beautiful. That's why I wrote beautiful so people can be more confident about them self's.