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We are in a worldwide crisis. A situation where thousands of people are being diagnosed with a deadly virus. However, people are also spreading it. We are in a situation where it is hard to believe in yourself. I can change that, and so can you. All it takes is a little belief in ourselves and a little belief in the world.
We all have moments where we think we cannot do something that we want to do. Moments where we don't believe in ourselves and moments when others believe in ourselves however we don't. Some people believe in what they can do, and some people believe in what they can't do. We are all different and unique. Don't let this virus get the best of you. Let this virus get the worst of you, and never back down no matter what anybody thinks, or if anybody else thinks you can't. We all can, and we know we can. People say that they are bigger than the world. We all know we aren't. We all are only one quintillionth of the organisms in the world. However, you can be the only organism who does their part.
People are having tough times believing in themselves. Some people say the word perfect is not a word and could never be used to describe a person. They are right but now is your chance to prove them wrong.
This is the only time to unleash your inner self. Figure out something you want to do, and something you believe you can do. Don't let social distancing or this isolation get the best of you, especially if you have nobody to get the best of you. Do something. Take advantage of this time to learn how to do something you never thought you could do. Or even learn something that nobody ever thought you could do, but you knew you could all along. Even if it is as little as a backflip or as huge as winning a Nobel Prize. Whatever it is, dream it, believe it and achieve it. It doesn't matter. Whatever you accomplish during this time, be proud that you accomplished something when it could become way worse. You did something, and you should be proud.
Turn that frown upside down. You know you can. You're just afraid. You just don't know what you can do until you can actually do it. You know something about yourself. You know you can accomplish something, you are just afraid.
You know you can raise your hand in class and say, "I volunteer to present." You are just afraid of what the audience will think. Don't get me wrong. They won't stand up and say "boo." The only thing they will stand up and do is clap. You know you can do something, and so does everybody else. The only reason you think you can't is because you never have. Even if the littlest thing you don't want to do is rip off a band-aid, or eat broccoli. You know you can. Your just afraid that it'll hurt, or that you won't like it. The pain is good, and it might hurt. But you have to remember that the pain will eventually die off, and so will this virus.
Need a smile? I can help with that. You are kind, unstoppable, daring, risk-taker, happy, and confident. We are all born with these superpowers. The best, and the best-est superpowers ever in history. Forget flight, and forget telekinesis and mind-reading. The only thing that makes these superpowers super is you. Remember, you can't spell super without you.
The pain remains within us, and it'll never go away. You might have done something fifty years ago, and the remorse is gone. It isn't. If you think of it again, it'll come back and stick within you forever. People say, "the pain will go away." Let's face it. It won't. You're stuck with your mistakes and your lies. You can learn from mistakes. You can learn from something bad. You can learn from something that could've endangered you. Even if you did something behind your parents back or committed a crime and are reading this in jail, just know and think about how and why you did this, and then compare old you to current you. Be the best, and the best-est. You can't spell unstoppable without you.
We all can do something great. We all know that the alphabet cannot have 26 letters if you aren't in it. The alphabet won't be complete without our initials. Think about the small things, and how they have a big impact on us. You are you. You are human. You have the power to do something unforgettable. Think about all of the things you have done. Recreate a memory, or something unforgettable. Recreate a moment, a moment celebrated with family. Think about your loved ones, especially the ones who have passed. Think about the ones who love you, and the ones who are praying for you every step you take. Think about the ones who are praying for you every step you take and hope you don't fall. Even if you do fall, know you can get up again. It only takes two things. Strength and You.
Never giving up.
So many people love you.
Terrific person.
Optimistic; open-minded.
Perfect just the way you are.
Perfectly imperfect.
Awesome personality.
Beautiful substance between you.
Loving and caring.

You do your part.
You do you.
You are you.
You are human.