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To begin with, this is a very difficult time for many and doing something to make someone smile can really brighten someone’s day. The world is full of so much uncertainty and worries right now and the only way people will feel better is by you making for a reason for them to smile. A few weeks ago, people never thought this would be the world we are living in, but it has happened. Many people still think that this a dream, but it turns out it is reality. There are many different ways we can make someone smile without coming in to connect with them. I bet many of you guys haven’t touched chalk since you were little, but it’s time to get that chalk out from the garage now. Everyone always says that they are too old to play with chalk, but you are never old to use chalk!

Next, using chalk is a very easy way to brighten people’s day around you. Many people in my neighborhood have drawn stain glass chalk windows at the end of their drive-ways. It’s a really fun activity to do that takes just a few minutes and the finished product is beautiful. First, you outline your drawing with duck tape, which is the secret to making it perfect at the end. Then you color each square, make sure not to use the same color next to each other because it won’t turn out as well. Finally, when you are done you can rip up the tape to see your masterpiece. No matter your art skills, there is no way you can mess up on this simple art project. My family and I had a great time making these stain glass chalk windows all over the end of our driveway and I’m sure your family will have just as much or more fun than my family did.

To end with, by drawing these easy stain glass chalk windows you can bring smiles to the people around you. Many people go for walks down my street and I love seeing them smile and hear them saying that they want to try making one on their driveways as well. My family was the first to start this trend on my street and it had a chain reaction because everyone felt so much better looking at the stain glass chalk windows, that they wanted to the same. This shows that we have a big impact on the people surrounding us. This is a very easy activity to do and everyone has chalk and duck tape laying in their garages just waiting to be touched again. If you are looking for an activity do that brings smiles to people’s faces, you should definitely draw stain glass chalk windows.