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During these rough times people have had trouble in being able to have joy or any time or good type of emotion to help them feel good. Well people at home have been trying to forget all of this madness and be more optimistic. People have been: creating rude goldberg contraptions, minute to win it competitions etc. Well i'm here to give you an idea on what could I do to entertain you or what you could do to entertain other people which can make you happier. My idea is to create a compilation youtube channel that shows videos from all around the world in a big collage.

I think I could create a youtube channel that hosts videos that are recorded all around the world. The videos will be about 3 - 4 minutes long based on the video clips. This could entertain people by giving them some extra knowledge about whats going on around the world and can give them a laugh that can provide comfort during these hard times. Also you can make the videos yourself which can spread good vibes to people then back to yourself.

In conclusion, I think we can make people smile during COVID-19 by making youtube videos that show what good is happening around the world. Now you might have an idea on what to do during these hard times.