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A way I helped someone feel appreciated during COVID 19 was by creating my own board game to help someone smile. The person was my mom. She is always doing work so at the weekend I decided to make a board game out of markers, tape, cardboard, scissors, and paper. So, I put all of the pieces together and then I had the perfect board game. so when she got home, I asked her to play the game. She then asked, "why did you make this?" I then told her, "I made this because you are always at work and I miss you so i wanted to spend some more time with you." So she smiled and hugged me. We then played. It is square cardboard wrapped in brown tape. You play by starting at the start. And picking up a card. The youngest goes first. whatever the card says you do. You win by getting the most points in three decks of cards. You get a piece of paper to keep track of points. And you can also put on a timer for ten minutes to keep the game fast and see who can get the most points in ten minutes. It also helps in the subject of math because of children counting the points. This is what made someone smile.