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My creation focuses on a hit song by the Beatles:”All You Need Is Love”. Every single person in the world has love in them. Whether your poor or wealthy, kind or mean, pretty or ugly, employed or unemployed, you are loved. No matter what. You are loved. You matter. My creation focuses on that. My creation says that you have love, and that your sweet, kind, funny, brave, pretty, and so much more. You just have to find it in yourself. Kindness is a form of love :show it, and you get it back. This also a thing my creation focuses on. You can show affection in so many ways: hugs, notes, gifts, and so many more things. Your love can put a smile on persons’ faces. You can do it. And these are just some words I want to live up to. Words are beautiful. They can be so loving. And that’s the last thing my creation focuses on. All you need is love.