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I made a colorful quilt out of materials I found around my house: felt fabric, a needle and pink thread, pipe cleaners, and hot glue. First, I sewed seven pieces of felt fabric together with pink thread. Then, I shaped and spelled out all of the seven continents in multi-colored pipe cleaners. Finally, I hot glued all of the continent names onto their designated fabric squares.

All of the continents sewn together symbolizes how we are all doing our part all across the world to end COVID-19. My quilt also represents everybody that is out there working to get our lives back in order. Scientists, doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, and 911 responders are all doing their part to help everyone, every day, to bring happiness and smiles back into our country, and my quilt shows that. Everyone is working together and I am very thankful for that. Thank you so much!