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My idea\entry for the Start a Smile is for people to write quotes. Not super detailed and emotional, just small sayings to boost their confidence. I think that these quotes could be based on emotions that they can not deal with. They can be written in something as simple as a notebook. This might help them release these uncontrollable emotions. I think that in this time of sadness and despair, if we just make some of our own light, it might make us feel a bit better inside. I am speaking as a gifted kid who had their parents catch the virus for two weeks. I also think that people who can’t get access to things like online quotes could make their own to help them feel a little more connected and normal. My very good friend had to move away to another city because they didn’t have enough money to keep living here so I am thinking of them as I write this and as I thought about this. I wish that people could have more access to some things and now I wish you a good and healthy time.