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This mini-Band of small DIY instruments consists of a few drums, a Banjo, a rainstick and a Pan-Flute. I made these instruments out of simple household items like straws, tape, colored paper, balloons, etc. I made several drums which would make a nice drumming sound if you hit it on the top with a popsicle stick. I made a Banjo that makes music from its vibrations when it is plucked or strummed. I also created a Pan-flute out of straws and to play it you simply put it vertically and blow down into it. A Pan-flute is a series of tubes that gradually increase in length, and are bound together by a ribbon or rope.The last thing I made was a rain stick, which you shake to make music and move the beads inside of it. A rainstick is a long, hollow tube partially filled with small pebbles or beans.