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Schools everywhere hold "Spirit Weeks" to show school pride, get students excited for various events, and to switch up the dress code. Well, we could all do the same thing, but from afar. Each day, different groups of people, whether it be friends, family members, neighbors, etc, could all pick a sort of "theme" for the day. It could be as easy as "hoodie day" or as strange as "Hawaii and flannel day." People could even choose to dress up for canceled or postponed events as if they were still going to them. For example, on the day of what would’ve been someone’s prom, they could put on the fanciest outfit they have anyway, and share it with others who would’ve been at their prom. Spirit Days would give people a reason to connect with each other and feel united in a time when it is so easy for people to feel alone. Anyone and everyone can participate, and it encourages people to dig through their clothes and get creative with what they have in their homes!