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Around this time of year, I always do egg hunts. Whether it's large gatherings where the eggs are just laid out to find, or family parties where they are almost impossible to locate, I can't remember a single year where I haven't done an egg hunt. Obviously, we can't get together this year to participate in activities like this, so I made a virtual egg hunt for my neighborhood. It is a fun activity for the whole community to do together, even when we can't be near each other. To create this hunt, I went took scenic pictures while out running and complied them into a python app. I then distributed the whole thing through Facebook and a website at https://egghunt.sites.tjhsst.edu/. I got lots of positive feedback and videos of families enjoying the hunt together. There are a variety of levels to challenge all ages and after you have found all ten eggs in a level, you are rewarded with a unique spring picture. I was so happy to be able to share something with my community and to see people having fun in such a stressful time.