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My Grandparents have been living in an apartment Senior Living community.
Due to the Corona Virus they have not been allowed to have visitors since March 13, 2020. They are very sad and lonely and we all miss them very much.
I wanted to do this challenge to make them smile. I started building a box made out of popsicle sticks and made it hollow on the inside. I cut out a piece of paper and pasted it on the middle of my box. I added sticks on the side of my box and put cotton balls on it. I had a little trouble thinking of the idea. Another trouble was getting the popsicle sticks in the sides of the box. The last problem that I had was getting the paper on the top of the box because it was hollow inside and I was using regular paper. If I would push my finger on the paper it would rip. I enjoyed this challenge and I know this will lift my Grandparents spirits.

My Smile Picture