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So what I did to help make somebody smile is me and my brother (who is also participating in this challenge) put on a sock puppet show for our neighbors. We found old socks around the house and drew eyes on them. Then we got stools out and did it over the fence that separates out two houses. See we have our house and a big wooden fence taller than my dad separates us, and also there is a big drop right after the fence because we live on a hill. So they where more than twenty feet away from us. We made is funny by having our puppets sing song that related to their dilemmas, for example we had somebody accidentally let the dogs out, the other character started lip singing to “Who Let The Dogs Out?” And when a character didn’t want the other character to touch anything in their room the other character started singing “Can’t Touch This.” Although it was a fairly short play because our neighbors were very little kids they still laughed and had a great time.