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Competitiveness is of the nature of a large percentage of the global population; initiating a challenge that connects family and friends from various locations can lift the spirits of those affected by the pandemic. The “Craft of Sticks Challenge” serves the purpose of exposing people of all ages and prior experience to experiment with craft sticks while building a structure, piece of artwork, or any creation of their choice. Many will find purchasing the versatile craft stick medium simple and inexpensive yet a key material in completing challenging builds. By providing the three examples of a craft-stick katana (original design by lj1vudoker on the “instructables.com” website), a trebuchet (machine derived from the “instructables.com” webpage created by LanceMakes), and the craft stick organizer, viewers can find inspiration to spend time constructing unique builds either to win the competition or discover an engaging pastime.
After adapting to new schedules and ways of life throughout the recent weeks affected by the pandemic, many are struggling to satiate their days with activities in order to prevent boredom and depression. Whether it be children or adults, people generally benefit from spending the majority of their days while participating in structured activities that engage the mind and satisfy the desire for accomplishment. Discovering new pastimes or hobbies that provide a considerable amount of time devoted to the activity or result in great feelings of pride in one’s work can allow the dramatic transition to become easier for many. Because of the absence of education and work allowing for learning and stimulation to occur, spending free time challenging the mind in unique ways provides opportunities for growth that could otherwise not be achieved.
Due to the many outlets for adaptation and creativity that the Craft of Sticks Challenge provides, people of any age group can spend time building together in a home or apart through virtual means. Remaining connected through social interaction is crucial to remaining healthy during times of isolation. Given that the pandemic prevents any physical method of spending time with friends and family, there are a plethora of electronic means of communicating that, if utilized in creative ways, can provide similar experiences and feelings of togetherness while remaining safe in the home. Additionally, creating new everyday challenges that divert the focus of the pandemic towards creative activities can assist in relieving stress. If searching for topics of conversation is becoming a difficult task, sharing moments of friendly competition will better the mood and atmosphere of severely affected households.
More often than not, delving into new activities can be an expensive and complicated process if supplies are required and skills are to be learned. Craft sticks can be found in a variety of craft stores and retail departments, providing easy access for those with limited purchasing opportunities. If needed, the medium can be purchased online and delivered to the home at a low cost. The price of craft stick packs themselves often range from $10.00 to $1.00 depending on the size of the pack and specifications of the individual craft stick. A single craft stick itself costs less than one cent and is therefore a highly affordable material when buying “in bulk”. The medium itself can function in tandem with craft cubes, small blocks of wood that cost slightly more than craft sticks, and various brands of glue. If one desires to personalize the plain, wooden sticks, the medium can be painted with ease; because the material that the sticks are constructed of is thin, one can cut craft sticks to size if desired for a specific project.
The Craft of Sticks Challenge will expose those affected by the pandemic to an inexpensive, simple activity that can be experienced virtually with friends and family and provide a time-filling pastime to relieve stress and cases of depression. Remaining social is a primary focus when struggling through uncertain times. Through participating in an enjoyable challenge that calls for social interaction, people can allow themselves to experience joy aside from the stresses of the pandemic. If one requires mental stimulation that can replace activities temporarily altered or removed from one’s lifestyle, creative construction and crafting can act as a method both for relaxation and challenging the mind. Craft sticks can be purchased at a variety of places and cost little to purchase, so the challenge can become a lingering activity that fills the time on an inactive day. By starting a challenge that resolves multiple problems generated by the pandemic, people of any age can discover an activity that may support their physical and mental state through the use of a key medium: the craft stick.