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My invention is not an “invention”, in the sense that it is a piece of new technology. Rather, it’s a simple way to spread happiness: jokes, written in chalk, on the sidewalk. I do not make up my own jokes; I get them from https://www.care.com/c/stories/3776/101-funny-jokes-for-kids/. The “question” and “answer” to the jokes are placed 10 sidewalk panels apart, which gives the reader ample time to think of a response while walking. The two segments also have enough distance to prevent the answer from being revealed too soon, and spoiling the joke. This concept can easily be replicated in other environments, as long as the creator has pavement, chalk, and a joke. This “invention” also takes advantage of the sudden increase in people going for walks in their neighborhoods. I plan to replace the joke with a new one each time it rains (and the old joke is washed away), which will help to retain the novelty and humor of the invention. This invention is a simple, effective way to spread a smile due to its simplicity and adaptability.