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During the stressful coronavirus pandemic, everyone is forced into quarantine, non-essential businesses are closed, and schools have been cancelled for a certain amount of time. Even though social-distancing and self-quarantining is strongly encouraged, many people can develop anxiety when watching the news, looking outside, etc. That is why I know that the new COBOT-19 is the key to making people smile during this terrible crisis. The COBOT-19 is a robot that has the ability to allow communication between people without initiating any physical contact. When someone with a COBOT-19 or even a standard smartphone, records an automated message and sends it to someone’s COBOT, the adorable robot will simply play the message to the receiver. The robot’s small stature and adorable face will make anyone feel happy and secure and being able to hear and talk to friends and family through the robot can make lots of people feel less isolated.