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Just a normal letter could make someones day just a little better. All the little things always make life better. You could mail someone like a neighbor, relatives, or even someone on you street you don't even know. Because mailing is social distancing so you don't get germs from other people. The kind of letters you could send them are like a thank you letter, a birthday letter if it is their birthday, or even a letter for the holidays coming up. It is really the little things in life that makes life better. Other people you could give letters to are,the Police, firemen, army, or really just any one. Like how you get letters for your birthday or a holiday it just fills you up with joy. That is what other people feel like when someone else gives them a letter and then they want to give nice letters so they can make other people smile just like you can. I know I've said this a lot bet, all the tiny things in life make life better.