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Smiley is a robot to make you laugh and smile. My idea was to build him out of mind storm legos on the programming of walle-ev3, ev3erstorm, and 9797-ev3. the intelligence brick that i have doesn't work anymore so I couldn't build him.
smiley was designed to dance,talk and push items around. The way I was going to make him talk was to use a chip called a microbit the micro bit is a decent size it can play games like rock, paper, scissors. you can also program him to talk, and say small phrases.
you might be thinking, how would this make someone smile. well what i was going for was a funny adorable robot. one of the robots moves was going to be dancing and rolling around while having the microbit ask some questions and say some jokes in a cute voice. That was bound to make someone laugh.
Then I realized i have my own things that can make it do more like a drone to lift him off of the ground, and then i can program the micro bit to say yay and wee.
All in all I hope you liked my essay and my design and ideas for my robot.